Group Benefits

Bundled Benefit Package, with our network of carriers, your business will now have access to all health carriers and their plans to choose from. As your consultant we will review all carrier plan choices, tailor them to your specific goals.

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Payroll and Benefit Administration

Our payroll solutions are web-based, so you don't need to update hardware and software. All taxing and payroll requirements are the latest. You'll never be late on a tax deposit, GUARANTEED.

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Workers Compensation

Did your company receive money back on your workers' compensation premium last year?

Clients with 1st Alliance do, because our clients get a special 5% discount plus your business may be eligible for two dividend programs that goes to a maximum 30%!

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Your Main Message

1st Alliance is here to help you and your business. We are also experienced in providing solutions for complete PEO replacement.

1st Alliance offers a unique approach by offering a one-stop resource for benefits, workers compensation, payroll, benefit administration and more. Every year we review with our clients the very best insurance options and solutions.

Looking for a long term partner to keep your business advised on State and Federal regulations, insurance laws, insurance options, and insurance company changes. At 1st Alliance we custom design insurance solutions at the most competitive rates



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