Group Benefits

Your turn-key solution

We provide our clients a complete turn-key benefit solution that includes: medical , dental, vision, along with ancillary products such as GAP, life, cancer, accident and more.

All these services with a cost effective bundled pricing that is a low cost per month per employee solution.

Bundled Benefit Package, with our network of carriers, your business will now have access to all health carriers and their plans to choose from. As your consultant we will review all carrier plan choices, tailor them to your specific goals.

Carrier Billing and Reconilation

We help eliminate over-payments on carrier statements

Each month our team pulls all active and termed employees and compares the roster to the

carrier billing.

Carriers are now being very specific that any employee not termed within 60 days will not be retro termed and clients will have to pay those premiums.

We take that responsibility to help eliminate those types of fees to you our client.

Payroll and HRIS Solutions

What day is better than payday!

Well perhaps there are some other considerations; however in our world and yours, we take "payday" very serious.

Our payroll solutions are web-based, so you don't need to update hardware and software. All taxing and payroll requirements are the latest.

Best of all, we provide these services at a very reasonable monthly fee, not like most of our competitors that charge your business for each transition, per check fees or service add-on.

1st Alliance provides benefit administration tools, we offer our clients an easy to use interface for connecting many functions of managing payroll, benefits and time keeping/scheduling.

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